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Qin F30 Kosher

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These devices do not have Android Auto and cannot have additional apps added. 

The Gmail app has pictures in the emails blocked for the most part. Only accounts work well. Most other domains will have trouble connecting and we won't be able to accept returns for that. 

Video playback on the Qin is limited to videos that are no longer than 2 minutes in length.

There are 2 options; One with apps and one without. The version with Talk and Text has Video player blocked completely as well.

The version with apps includes Gmail, Uber, HebDat, SmartList, Weather, and Waze.

Carriers; 2 versions. 1 for T-Mobile and 1 for Verizon (not compatible with original Sprint plans).

Package includes a free case.

Product size:14.70 x 5.8 x 0.9 cm / 5.78 x 2.28 x 0.35 inches

Battery:  2150mAh

Bands; 2, 4, 12, 13, 17, 66, 71

Camera: 8MP Rear Camera, 2MP Front Camera

SIM Card Quantity:  One Nano SIM Card

Language: English and Hebrew

CPU:  Octa Core


The כשר symbol is only available on the Talk Only Version.

Qin F30 Kosher
Verizon / With apps - $299.99
  • Verizon / With apps - $299.99
  • Verizon / Talk and Text only - $284.99
  • Verizon / No video No Email with Some Apps - $299.99
  • Verizon / Talk Only (With כשר symbol) - $299.99
  • T-Mobile / With apps - $299.99
  • T-Mobile / Talk and Text only - $284.99
  • T-Mobile / No video No Email with Some Apps - $299.99
  • T-Mobile / Talk Only (With כשר symbol) - $299.99

Customer Reviews

Based on 29 reviews
Happy with this phone

This phone deserves 5 stars in many ways
It's the only phone that allows you to have a simple phone while still having access to waze, uber, and email.
Two issues:
1) Every once in a while, it completely freezes. I see a phone call coming in, but can't answer it, can't decline it, can't even turn off the phone. It lasts for as long as it lasts (around ten minutes,) until I finally manage to turn off the phone and restart it. Annoying when it happens, but b"H it doesn't happen often.
2) The talk-to-text doesn't recognize commas or periods. You have to say "comma," or "question mark," etc. Also, of course it doesn't recognize basic Yiddish / Hebrew words like Shabbos, Hashem, etc. Not an issue, but when you're relying on talk-to-text (because it's really hard to text on this tiny thing) it slows you down if you use Yiddish or Hebrew words.
Other than that, I'm happy with this phone!
Many people have two devices -- one for a phone, and the other for things like email or waze. This phone has everything in one, and nothing extra. It's a big deal!

s kaufman
battery life

for me once i got additional data for my phone it stayed charged more than enough i think when low data it eats up battery

Thanks for the tip! That would technically make sense, because it may keep trying to update itself or connect to data and can't.

Yoel engel
Charge problem

It doesn't charge with most chargers

The QIN does not work with fast charging. Have you tried the charger that comes with the phone?


Great phone, arrived right away, support always answers the phone right away

small battery

nice-sized phone, very compact. easy to use.
battery is small, needs charged often

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