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Waze Only Device

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Condition: These phones may have some minor scratches from lying around unprotected in a warehouse and do not seem to have been used more than a bit. Being that we buy in bulk, we do not have any way to track the origins of these phones.

Please note: people have reported that on average their Waze device used more than 500 MB per month. has a plan for $5 per month for 500mb of data with talk or text.

If you would like, RedPocket has a 500mb per month plan for only $60 for 360 days of service and can be purchase here. The Verizon version, GSM version or the Sprint version will be compatible.

This device only has has WAZE. There are no other apps at all - not even a dialer!

To order a Waze device for a different carrier please choose the option you need.

Waze Only Device

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