Our Plans, (all plans have zero data and come in options of with text and without text!)

We have 3 plans;
1. $15 you get 1,500 minutes per month.
2. $20 a month you get 2,500 minutes
3. $25 UNLIMITED Talk and Text.

Our Network

For GSM phones we use T-Mobile's network, and for CDMA we use Sprint. Please check your area before you sign up, to see which has better coverage. Once you sign up, you will need to port out and then back in, in order to switch from CDMA to GSM. For a T-Mobile coverage map click here and for a Sprint coverage map click here.


We have devices for sale on our store. Visit by clicking here now. You can also bring your own device as long as it is either Sprint or T-Mobile compatible. To check if your device will work click here. For AT&T phones, please read below.


You can sign up for these plans by following the links on our website. You can also sign up over the phone by calling us at 848-299-4081 and press 2 from the main menu.

Can I Port My Number?

Sure! All you need is your old account number and "port out pin". You may also need the name and address on the account. If that is not available to you, you can check out the list here on how to figure out your account number and port out pin.

My phone is locked.

If you have an AT&T phone that showed up ok on our phone checker but says "Locked" when you insert you SIM. You can try AT&T's unlock service here. For more info on this process, you can read up on the process and eligibility here.

Do these plans come with data?

No. All of our plans are DATA FREE. They can therefore not be used with any smartphones - including our kosher smartphones.

Is there a contract?

No, our plans are prepaid. You can cancel whenever you would like.

More questions?

Feel free to call us at 848-299-4081 or email us at info@koshercell.org!