What’s a Kosher Phone? (Jewish)

What’s a Kosher Phone? (Jewish)
You know that guy at minyan whose phone dings and buzzes while he texts and chats throughout the davening?
You know that Mom whose kids are yelling for her attention while she’s scrolling on her phone? 
You know the teens who are on social media when they should be in their Gemaras?
Maybe one of them is you.
Don’t worry; you’re not alone. According to Techjury, Americans spend an average of 5.4 hours a day on their smartphones, and check their phones over 60 times a day. It’s also proven that using your cell phone for extended periods of time can change your brain chemistry, which can affect your mood - and your need for more screen time. 
We all know the struggle of modern technology. We need smartphones to stay connected, to run and promote our businesses, and to be productive members of the 21st century. But we often find ourselves stuck in distracting, addictive apps, caught in the world wide web, and unable to pull ourselves away.
Instead of owning our phones, they end up owning us. 
This is why we created Kosher Cell, the Kosher Phone that transforms your cell into a safe, productive tool instead of a time-wasting distraction. 
We call it a Kosher Phone not only because it was designed for our Jewish community, but because it is protected to a higher standard. Our technology allows for only safe, approved Kosher Phone apps, while web browsing is removed entirely. 
Forget about filters; the Kosher Phone is the innovative answer to safe cell phone use. 
Think about what it would mean to have only Kosher Phone apps like banking, maps, and chatting that help your productivity, instead of web browsers, gaming, and social media apps that waste hours every day? 
Imagine the peaceful silence around that guy in minyan as he focuses on this tefillah.
Imagine the focus the Mom would have as she navigates her kids through the grocery store.
Imagine how much more the teen will be able to learn. 
The Kosher Phone makes that possible. 

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